Using ePortfolios

Why ePortfolios?


“Electronic portfolios are an archive of one’s work, achievements, ideas, thoughts and feelings which reflect an individual’s intellectual, emotional and social developments- in essence they are a document of an individual’s learning over time. Having students create an ePortfolio supports a holistic approach to learning which moves students beyond simply attaining a grade in a course to being able to clearly articulate what they have learned and to identify areas for improvement or further learning. This approach implies that students will reflect on their own learning and by doing so, will be able to better integrate their various learning experiences.”

Dr. Tracy Penny Light, TRU, Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL)

How do I use ePortfolios?

“Dear Student”

Rationale and selection of six starter templates… These serve as frameworks to avoid the anxiety of “Hello World” blank pages, and pre-build elements such as themes, menus, etc… that can increase the learning curve. These starter sites also embed key user documentation.


Customizing tutorials for courses or projects.

The project is far more likely to be successful if you take a “generic” frame

Which results in:

Questions or discussions?

Signing up for a starter site:

When a starter site is ready for students to use, we can add it to the sign-up menu. From there, it is fairly straight-forward for students to sign-up for their starter site. Creating an account, and then signing up for the site itself:

Demo: starter site

More examples: student agency

Users may stay within the range of their templates, or change themes and significantly make them their own. For example, a starter site for visual arts students ( can foster a wide range of adaptations: